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  • TR-08 Backstage Vertical Cart

  • 2019 16-Core Mac Pro (Rack Mount)

  • BMD 20x20 Smart Videohub

  • 2x FSI BoxIO LUT boxes

  • 2x Teradek Link Wireless AP

  • Teradek COLR LUT Box

  • Silverstack Lab 

  • Livegrade Studio

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio

  • Lattice LUT Converter

  • Meon LiFe 12V Distro Box

  • APC 1500W UPS

  • Areca 12TB SSD Raid-5 TB3

  • cFast USB-C Readers

  • RED Mini Mag USB-C Reader

  • DIT Blackout Tent

  • 2000W Honda Generator

  • 3x 100ft HD-SDI 6G Cable

  • 2x 50ft HD-SDI 6G Cable


  • Sony PVM-A250 25" OLED Monitor

  • 2x Flanders Scientific DM170 17" Monitors

  • Either one or two 17" or 25" monitors can be mounted on the TR-08 Cart

TR-08 Vertical Cart

With a 16-core Mac Pro at it's core, the cart can handle as much footage as you can throw at it. It also features a 20x20 BMD Smart Video hub and two BoxIO LUT boxes so up to 4 cameras can be Livegraded and routed all over set. A full Tangent Elements grading surface speeds up dailies color correction in DaVinci Resolve.


Silverstack Lab verifies and checksums all media downloaded and generates data reports. All footage is transcoded on a Areca 12TB SSD RAID-5 to make sure everyone can go home as soon as possible after wrap.

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